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Logo Pixel Survival 2 Icon

Pixel Survival 2

Cowbeans 1.9983
  • License Gratuito
  • 0
  • Downloads 11
  • Size 65.22 MB
  • Update 10.05.2022
Logo Pixel Survival 2 Icon

Pixel Survival 2

Version 1.9983 Gratuito
65.22 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 11 Atualizado em : 10.05.2022 Cowbeans


Um jogo de sobrevivência e estilo retrô com um toque de humor
help you advance. But you'll also encounter a dangerous slime that will kill you if you touch it. So you'll have to learn how to use your tools to defend yourself until you have enough material to build armor and a better weapon. One of the most interesting aspects of Pixel Survival 2 is its pixelated graphics, which makes playing this game a real treat. The design of the characters is also really fun, and the game is full of little jokes that are sure to make you smile. Pixel Survival 2 is an excellent survival game with a retro touch that will earn a place in your heart.


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