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        Park of Monster

        LT Fun Inc. 2.6.0
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        • Size 110.81MB
        • Update 18.03.2021
        Logo Park Of Monster Icon

        Park of Monster

        Version 2.6.0
        Funciona em: Android
        Downloads : 1 Atualizado em : 18.03.2021 LT Fun Inc.


        Combine elementos para evoluir seus monstros
        bject around on the board. In the first few levels, the game even helps you out by telling you what direction you have to move in. The graphics are also pretty simple, but nice to look at, nonetheless. The different monsters and dragons have a nice design that will help you identify the new species as you unlock them. In fact, you just have to merge two or more of the same character to make it evolve. Park of Monster is one of those games that offers a ton of levels and a setting that's big enough to provide tons of fun every time you play. You just have to pay close attention and move the objects the right way to merge them together to create new species of monsters and get tons of points.


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