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Anchor FM Inc. 3.120.0
  • License Gratuito
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  • Downloads 9
  • Size 99.87 MB
  • Update 09.05.2022
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Version 3.120.0 Gratuito
99.87 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 9 Atualizado em : 09.05.2022 Anchor FM Inc.


Crie sua própria estação de rádio e escute as dos outros
rt radio broadcasts on practically any topic you can think of. Techno music, retro videogames, exotic animals, natural settings ... there are topics for every interest. And if a topic does not exist, all you have to do is to create it. An appealing aspect of Anchor is that, despite the fact that it's not normally possible to listen to full songs via the app, there are actually shortcuts to listen to them on Spotify. So if you hear a song you like, you can add it to Spotify with the touch of a button. Anchor is a social network with a great deal of potential, allowing you to share your interests with ease, and above all, enjoy a whole host of content from your Android device.


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